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2018 Performance Snapshot

$6.5 Billion
Cash profit1
11 Percent
Cash return
on equity1
223.4 Cents
Cash earnings
per share1
160 Cents
Fully franked
dividend for FY18
per share
Net tangible
assets per share2
11.4 Percent
Tier 1 Capital3
$11.5 Billion
funded and facilitated in low carbon and sustainable solutions
More than 889 thousand
people reached through our target to help enable social and economic participation4
32 Percent
of women in
$137 Million
in community
Australia and
New Zealand
Institutional NPS7
Ranked 3rd
Net Promoter Score
Retail Australia8
  • 3.71 Million digitally active customers9
  • $341 Billion in home lending – increase of $10 bilLion9
  • $184 Billion in retail deposits – increase of $2 bilLion9
  • $95 Billion in business lending – increase of $1 bilLion9
  • #1 Lead Bank for Trade Services10
  1. On a cash profit (continuing operations) basis. Excludes non-core items included in statutory profit and discontinued operations included in cash profit. It is provided to assist readers in understanding the result of the ongoing business activities of the Group. For further information on adjustments between statutory and cash profit refer to page 15 of the 2018 Annual Report.
  2. Equals shareholders’ equity less preference share capital, goodwill, software and other intangible assets divided by the number of ordinary shares.
  3. APRA Basel 3 methodology.
  4. Through our initiatives to support financial wellbeing including financial inclusion, employment and community programs, and targeted banking products and services for small businesses and retail customers. Refer to the 2018 Sustainability Review for methodology (to be released in December 2018).
  5. Measures representation at the Senior Manager, Executive and Senior Executive levels. Includes all employees regardless of leave status but not contractors (who are included in FTE).
  1. Figure includes foregone revenue of $107 million, being the cost of providing low or fee free accounts to a range of customers such as government benefit recipients, not for profit organisations and students.
  2. Peter Lee Associates 2018 Large Corporate and Institutional Relationship Banking surveys, Australia and New Zealand 2018. In New Zealand ranked against the Top 4 competitors.
  3. Roy Morgan Research Single Source, Australian population aged 14+, Main Financial Institution, six month rolling average to Sep’ 18. Ranking based on the four major Australian banks.
  4. Australia and New Zealand.
  5. Peter Lee Associates Large Corporate and Institutional Transactional Banking surveys, Australia 2004–2018 and New Zealand 2005–2018.
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