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Our Operating Environment

We need to anticipate and respond to the risks and opportunities arising in our external environment to ensure that we can continue to create value for our stakeholders.

In addition to the regulatory and reputational impacts associated with the Royal Commission, we are responding to a number of other trends and challenges in our external environment. A summary of the issues influencing our strategy and the way we respond is outlined below.

These global trends present us with risks and opportunities

Our strategy aims to respond positively to this environment and meet societal expectations

Creating a simpler, better balanced bank: we are reducing operating costs and risks by removing product and management complexity and exiting low-return and non-core businesses.

Focusing on areas where we can win: we are making buying and owning a home or starting, running and growing a small business in Australia and New Zealand easy. We want to be the best bank in the world for customers driven by the movement of goods and capital in our region.

Building a superior everyday experience to compete in the digital age: we are building more convenient, engaging banking solutions to simplify the lives of customers and our own people.

Driving a purpose and values-led transformation: we are creating a stronger sense of core purpose, ethics and fairness, investing in leaders who can help sense and navigate the rapidly changing environment.

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